Farm Naked, huh?

Glad you asked! Our slogan, "Farm Naked" has two meanings:

1. Naked & Beyond Organic

Our produce comes "naked" because we do not use any harmful, poisonous pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers on our produce. We focus on long-term soil health, no-till farming, compost teas, natural herbicides & pesticides, bio char, deep mulches and holistic pest management to go "Beyond Organic." 

2. Farm Naked

And yes, we farm naked from time to time. There's nothing like feeling the soil between your toes!

Find our veggies for sale at the Mercado Del Norte farmers market and at Simple Foods, Del Norte!

Working with the land, not just on it.

Please don't step on our beds! You might have heard this friendly warning here at the farm. The health of our soil is incredibly important, especially in the harsh and extreme climate of the San Luis Valley. We practice no-till gardening and let micro-organisms do the work! From invisible microbes to our wiggly earthworms, we work with the land as much as possible, rather than on it.

The Three Sisters Guild This practice represents working with nature and valuing the gifts and intrinsic values of the plants we grow. The Three Sisters Guild was created by and widely used by the native, indigenous people of Turtle Island. The guild represents the complex web of life and interconnection in our natural plant communities. The Corn grows tall and requires a lot of nitrogen to obtain good yields. The Beans release nitrogen from their roots and use the corn as trellis. The Squash create a ground cover that retains soil moisture and repels pests. All of the plants work together to create an abundant yield of highly nutritious staple foods.